Traveling to Uruguay can be an exciting and enriching experience. Sometimes novel experiences can cause travelers to let their guard down and pay attention to data roaming fees. With the increasing reliance on mobile devices for navigation, communication, and entertainment, you should learn more about data roaming when visiting Uruguay to avoid unexpected hefty charges.

Below is the most comprehensive guide to equip you with knowledge and ways to control roaming costs to maintain a seamless connection while still saving money.

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I. Understand Data Roaming in Uruguay

Travelers have the option to roam for connectivity, although the expenses can accumulate rapidly. Understanding the implications of relying on roaming in Uruguay is essential before doing so.

roaming in Uruguay
Using cell phones in Uruguay
  • Expensive Rates: Data roaming fees in Uruguay can be costly, typically between $10-20 or higher per gigabyte. Utilizing navigation apps, watching streaming videos, or posting photos online can easily accumulate a significant expense.
  • Restricted Control: Roaming can result in unexpected charges due to limited control over data usage. Most plans do not provide data alerts, making it difficult to monitor your usage.
  • Other options: Luckily, there are several affordable alternatives for staying in touch in Uruguay. Local SIM cards and eSIMs provide budget-friendly data packages that typically cover the entire country, enabling you to eliminate roaming fees.

Although data roaming may appear convenient, its expensive nature and lack of oversight can cause problems. When you use local SIM cards or eSIMs, you can have affordable and reliable connectivity while traveling in Uruguay.

II. Roaming Charges in Uruguay

Remaining in touch with family and friends in your home country is crucial, however, data roaming fees in Uruguay can severely impact your finances. Here is the information you should be aware of

1. How to Check Roaming Charges Before Your Trip to Uruguay?

To receive a precise calculation of your roaming expenses in Uruguay, follow these instructions:

  • Get in touch with your cell phone provider: They can give you information about their roaming fees for Uruguay, such as data usage, voice calls, and text messaging.
  • Visit your carrier’s website and utilize the online tools to input your destination country and view projected roaming fees.
  • Think about using a roaming calculator app: These apps let you compare roaming prices from various providers and discover the cheapest choice.

Avoid letting expensive fees for using your phone abroad ruin your travel experience in Uruguay! Think about using local SIM cards or eSIMs as an affordable and stress-free option to stay in touch during your journey.

Check roaming charges before Uruguay trip
Roaming charge checker by Movistar. Source

2. Roaming Charge in Uruguay by Mobile Operators

While roaming offers a quick way to stay connected during your trip, the costs can vary depending on your mobile carrier. Understanding these charges in Uruguay can help you make informed decisions. Here’s a table outlining estimated roaming charges for major mobile operators (these are estimates and may vary):

Mobile Operators in UruguayCalls (per minute)Texts (per message)Data (per MB)
Antel$2 – $5$1 – $2$10 – $20
Movistar$3 – $6$1 – $2$8 – $15
Claro Argentina$4 – $7$1.5 – $2.5$7 – $12

Roaming fees in Uruguay are significantly high with all telecommunications companies. These figures are simply approximations, and the final costs could be even greater depending on your personal plan. To prevent paying these expensive fees, think about buying a local SIM card or eSIM when you arrive. These options provide much cheaper data plans and keep you connected without spending too much money.

III. Best Ways to Avoid Roaming Charges in Uruguay

Roaming charges can be a nasty surprise when you return from your Uruguayan adventure. But fear not, budget-conscious travelers! There are several clever ways to stay connected without breaking the bank. Here are the top three methods to ditch roaming charges and enjoy seamless online access throughout your trip.

1. Buy eSIM from

Roaming fees can spoil your Uruguay trip. However, there is a remedy available! eSIMs provide a convenient and affordable method to remain connected during your journey. Let’s investigate how utilizing an electronic SIM card from a company such as can assist in avoiding charges for roaming.

  • Instant Activation: In contrast to regular SIM cards, eSIMs are activated directly on your phone which is compatible with them. Just scan a QR code from, and you’ll be connected to the internet within minutes. There is no requirement to wait in line or go to a physical shop.
  • Countrywide Coverage: Experience uninterrupted connectivity throughout Uruguay with an eSIM data package. Discover busy urban areas or secluded shorelines – you’ll enjoy a consistent internet connection no matter where you travel.
  • Different options of plans: provides a variety of data plans to meet your requirements. Select from cost-effective choices to ones with generous data for streaming and video chats.

Get rid of expensive roaming fees and enjoy the ease of use! Buying an eSIM from is an intelligent method to remain connected in Uruguay without spending too much money. Have a great trip while being able to take pictures, find your way around, and keep in contact with family members without spending too much money.

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2. Buy a Local Uruguay SIM Card

Roaming fees are an unexpected cost when traveling. Fortunately, there is an easy fix available – purchasing local SIM cards! Purchasing a SIM card from Uruguay is a great option for staying connected during your travels without spending too much money.

  • Economical option: Opting for a local SIM card is far more cost-effective than incurring roaming fees. You will receive a greater amount of data for your payment, enabling you to easily surf, explore, and communicate your experiences on the internet.
  • Local SIM cards are easily accessible in Uruguay. Discover them in airports, convenience stores, and mobile operator shops such as Antel, Movistar, and Claro Argentina.
  • Flexibility: Select a data plan that fits your requirements. There are choices available for people ranging from small, affordable packages to ones with plenty of data for users who stream or make video calls.

Avoid the annoyance of high roaming charges! Buying a SIM card from Uruguay locally is a cost-effective and convenient method to remain in touch during your journey. Benefit from the ability to select a data plan that suits your needs, at a much lower price than roaming fees. This enables you to fully engage in your Uruguayan experience without having to be concerned about unexpected expenses.

3. Enable Wi-Fi Calling

While traveling, roaming charges may appear to be the only choice for staying connected, but there is a hidden treasure – Wi-Fi calling! Here are the reasons why activating Wi-Fi calling on your phone can be a great method to prevent incurring roaming charges while in Uruguay.

  • Take advantage of Free Wi-Fi: Several cafes, restaurants, and hotels provide complimentary Wi-Fi services. By activating Wi-Fi calling on your mobile device, you can use these connections to make and receive calls without incurring any roaming fees.
  • Clear and reliable communication: Experience clear calls even in areas with weak Wi-Fi connections. Wi-Fi calling enhances voice quality for a seamless communication experience.
  • Activating Wi-Fi calling is easy and can usually be done quickly through the settings on your phone. Refer to your phone’s manual or reach out to your carrier for detailed guidance.

Enabling Wi-Fi calling permits you to place and receive calls without charge whenever there is a Wi-Fi connection accessible. Although it doesn’t include data usage, it’s a great method to communicate with family members from your home country without facing any unexpected charges when you come back.

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IV. FAQs about Data Roaming in Uruguay

Does data roaming cost a lot in Uruguay?

Indeed, data roaming fees in Uruguay can be rather costly, typically falling between $10-20 or higher per gigabyte. Using navigation apps, watching videos, or sharing photos can result in a large bill very quickly.

Does roaming in Uruguay come with any data usage alerts?

Several roaming plans do not have data usage alerts, which can make it challenging to track your usage and prevent surprise charges. It is advisable to be careful and limit the use of data when depending on roaming services.

What other options are there instead of using data roaming in Uruguay?

Luckily, there are multiple budget-friendly options available! Using local SIM cards or eSIMs can provide cost-effective data options that typically cover the entire country, helping you steer clear of any roaming fees.

Are local SIM cards or eSIMs readily available in Uruguay?

Certainly! You can easily find local SIM cards at airports, convenience stores, and mobile operator shops in Uruguay. Alternatively, eSIMs can be bought from different providers online before you travel.

V. Conclusion

Roaming fees when traveling abroad can incur a lot of costs without careful research and are impractical for long trips. A better solution is to purchase a local plan in advance. offers eSIM packages at very good prices, only from $9.9 for data packages from 1-5GB for visitors to Uruguay. These plans come with generous data capacity without domestic roaming charges. Activation is simple – just book online and the eSIM will be emailed.

Instead of having to worry about roaming bills after your trip, choose eSIM from – the most economical and convenient connection method, helping you have memorable experiences when visiting this thousand-island country.