Do you require an Antel SIM card Antel SIM card and eSIM for your phone while visiting Uruguay? One of the top providers for visitors and tourists in Uruguay is Antel Uruguay. You may use this all-inclusive guide to learn all there is to know about using an eSIM and Antel SIM card when visiting Uruguay.

Antel SIM card

I. Quick Facts about Antel

  • Founded year: 1924
  • Full company name, brand name, brand name meaning: Administración Nacional de Telecomunicaciones S.A., also known simply as Antel, is a state-owned telecommunications company.
  • Launching service year: 1985.
  • Types of services: provided landline telephone, mobile telephony, internet, and cable television services.
  • Number of subscribers/ area covered: over 2 million subscribers, giving it near-universal coverage nationally.
  • Network of stores, agents, and points of sale: over 300 stores, agents, and points of sale.
  • Customer care policy (on-call, language, time): available 24/7 by phone in Spanish and English. 
  • Pros: include affordability, nationwide coverage, and consistent network upgrades.
  • Cons: There could be occasional overloading of the network in high-demand areas.

Overall, Antel is a leader in Uruguay’s telecom industry and a benchmark for connectivity throughout the country.

Quick Facts about Antel
Antel – Mobile Operator in Uruguay. Source

II. Why Antel When You’re Exploring Uruguay – Coverage and Speed

You’ll need a dependable cell service provider with broad coverage and quick data speeds when visiting Uruguay. What sets Antel apart is this:

1. Antel Coverage in Uruguay

Antel Coverage in Uruguay
Antel Coverage in Uruguay

Key points 💡

  • Over 1000 base stations covering populated territory nationwide.
  • 3G covers 95% of the population, 4G covers 85%, and continuing to grow.
  • Extensive coverage ensures reliable connection anywhere in the country.
  • Investments have improved data capacity and resilience to meet demand.
  • Independent tests confirm it as the fastest, most reliable operator.
  • Great coverage makes Antel ideal for both locals and visitors anywhere in Uruguay whether on rural roads, between cities, or in crowded places.
  • Antel SIM provides dependable connectivity for adventures across the country.

2. Antel Speed in Uruguay

Antel Speed in Uruguay
Antel Speed in Uruguay

Key points 💡

  • Fastest network with 4G download speeds exceeding 35Mbps.
  • Allows clear calls, quick apps/sites, HD streaming, gaming, and social media.
  • The first network to launch 5G, promising future 1Gbps+ speeds.
  • No need to worry about slow speeds hampering sharing photos/stories with Antel’s reliable, fast connectivity while traveling throughout Uruguay.

In summary, Antel provides not only excellent nationwide coverage but also the fastest recorded mobile speeds in Uruguay for seamless multimedia activities, as well as early access to high-potential 5G – all ensuring optimal online experiences while abroad.

III. Antel Connectivity Options for Travelers to Uruguay

Antel offers several convenient ways for visitors to stay conveniently connected while in Uruguay:

Form Characteristic Advantage Disadvantage

- Connect to the Uruguay network using the same SIM card that visitors are using when they wander.

- Since the primary SIM doesn't need to be removed, you don't need to be concerned about losing it. 

- When calling, use the same number

- The costs are high 

- Not every operator has agreements for cooperation and connections with Uruguayan carriers; danger of being unable to explore after arrival.

Prepaid Uruguay SIM card

- You have to take out the primary SIM and put this one in. The phone has to be unlocked.

- Reasonably priced 

- A variety of options to meet all demands

- When buying, customers need to wait.

- It takes effort and tools to insert/remove the SIM. If buying from a store, staff can help insert/remove the SIM for you.

- When removed, the main SIM is easily lost. - If a phone has more than one sim card slot, you must remove the second sim in order to use it.- Buyers usually need to present personal identification documents (passport/or ID card) in order to purchase SIM cards offline. => Not everyone wants to disclose their personal information.

Free Wifi

Utilize Uruguay's public WiFi in places like malls, restaurants, and cafes.

- Free if you don't have the pass; otherwise, obtain the WiFi permit by paying for a cup of coffee.

- Before accessing WiFi in certain locations, you may need to complete out a registration form; this is a time-consuming process that increases the chance of information leaking. 

- Inability to actively use the Internet when required 

- Risks to information security Slow speed as a result of several users

Pocket Wifi

With a SIM card installed, it functions as a network sharing device that may share the network with other devices nearby.

- The phone can access the Internet without having to be unlocked. 

- Simple to use: just switch it on and go.

- Exorbitant equipment purchase/rental expenses 

- Need to go to the store and wait for delivery 

- Always keep it on hand - Need to use a backup charger or charge 

- If leased, must be returned after the vacation is over. 

- The phone and wifi transmitter must be at least a certain distance apart. 

- The internet is not excellent if there are many users since the transmitter can only support a certain number of devices at once.

Additionally, travelers visiting Uruguay should think about utilizing eSIM due to a few advantages listed below:

  • Purchase SIM cards online, anytime, anywhere.
  • No need to take out the SIM; just scan the QR code to obtain it.
  • Use two sims simultaneously (or one physical sim plus one eSIM or two eSIMs; note that iPhone models made for the US market, particularly those ranging from 13 to 14, are limited to using eSIMs only; physical sim slots are not available). Continue to use the device’s primary SIM card.
  • Although you can install numerous data plans on the same phone, depending on the kind of device, you are only able to activate one or two data plans at a time.
  • The phone’s memory determines the number of eSIM typically no more than 20 eSIMs per phone.
  • Since Esim is fastened to the gadget, there is no chance that it would be lost.
  • Even if the primary sim is off, you can still access Facebook, WhatsApp, and Zalo on the smartphone.

Given the aforementioned advantages, it is clear that eSIM is the greatest option for travelers visiting Uruguay.

IV. Best Antel SIM Cards for Tourists & Cost

For most travelers to Uruguay, Antel’s SIM cards present the best overall value and convenience.

Data Validity Price ($)
30 GB 3 days 120
40 GB 7 days 200
50 GB 10 days 250
760 MB 30 days 165
1 GB 30 days 180

With a large bundle of data, including texts and calling minutes, this Antel SIM card ensures you have all you need to navigate Uruguay for an entire month. You can book tours, research destinations, make local arrangements, get directions and transport, update friends, and share Uruguay experiences easily with this Antel SIM Card.

For longer stays, purchasing multiple Antel Tourist SIM cards can provide coverage across your entire trip to Uruguay.

Note 💸

Compared to roaming internationally on your home SIM card, you could think about eSIM since it makes using it simple for users - all they have to do is scan the QR code. 

V. Does Antel Support eSIM in Uruguay?

Yes, Antel launched eSIM support in 2022 allowing mobile plans in Uruguay to be activated through digital eSIM profiles rather than traditional plastic SIM cards.

eSIM offers several advantages compared to regular SIM cards when traveling:

  • No need to procure a physical SIM card when arriving at the destination
  • Ability to instantly switch between plans by downloading eSIM profiles
  • Use mobile plans from multiple countries simultaneously with dual SIM functionality
  • Convenient for multi-country trips and tight itineraries
  • Avoid SIM swapping and carrying multiple SIM cards

Many companies are providing Antel Uruguay eSIMs globally including eSIM Uruguay with excellent consumer benefits:

  • Wide range of Antel Uruguay plans for any travel duration and budget
  • Order Antel eSIMs easily online and use a prepaid credit system
  • Support website with simple eSIM setup guides
  • The help desk is reachable 24/7 via chat, call, or email in English and Spanish

Plan that may interest you

Uruguay eSIM 7 Days Plan
Uruguay eSIM 7 Days Plan
From $9.90
Uruguay eSIM 15 Days Plan
Uruguay eSIM 15 Days Plan
From $18.90
Uruguay eSIM 30 Days Plan
Uruguay eSIM 30 Days Plan
From $26.50

VI. Where Can You Buy An Antel SIM Card And eSIM?

When traveling to Chile, having an eSIM or Claro SIM card is practical. Here is a brief overview of where and how to purchase:

1. Where To Buy Antel SIM Card For Uruguay?

Antel SIM card
Antel SIM card

As the main state-owned telecom provider, Antel SIM cards are widely available at over 50 Antel sales points located across Uruguay including:

  • Antel flagship stores or Antel shops in most cities and towns
  • Authorized Antel dealers with licensed resellers and distributors
  • Payment locations and top-up points at many convenience stores and kiosks
  • Antel shops in major tourist spots have multilingual staff.
  • SIMs can be reloaded at thousands of payment points nationwide.
  • SIMs can be purchased online pre-trip with free delivery for activation.
  • Or pick up a Tourist SIM at airport shops upon arrival in Montevideo or Punta del Este.
  • Antel provides tourists with convenient access to assistance, SIM purchases, and reloads across Uruguay through their widespread physical and online presence to ensure hassle-free connectivity during visits.

2. Where to Buy Antel eSIM in Uruguay?

As the adoption of eSIM grows, more mobile and travel goods stores are offering Antel Uruguay eSIMs. However, the most convenient and hassle-free way to purchase an Antel eSIM is through dedicated eSIM provider websites such as with:

With eSIM Uruguay, obtaining and activating your Antel eSIM Uruguay takes only minutes and can be done conveniently before departure while at home or any other location with internet access.

Switch to digital with

VII. How to Activate Antel SIM Card/eSIM in Uruguay?

Activating your Antel mobile service only takes a few quick steps before enjoying connectivity across Uruguay.

1. How to activate Antel Uruguay SIM

Insert the SIM card

Standard Antel SIM: Locate the SIM card slot on your device, gently insert the mini or nano SIM, and push in carefully until it clicks and locks into place.

Power on your device

Turn on your phone, tablet, mobile hotspot, or other compatible device. If prompted, approve the device to use the new SIM card.

Activate the SIM card

Most Antel SIM cards purchased in Uruguay are pre-activated with no further steps required. You may need to reload additional prepaid credit for usage depending on your selected plan.

Set up APN settings

Usually not required but if you experience no data connectivity, manually enter the Antel APN settings:

  • Name: ANTEL GPRS
  • Username: Leave blank
  • Password: Leave blank
  • Check your services

Make a test call, send a text message, and browse the internet to verify your Antel cell service is correctly activated and ready for use!

2. How to activate an Antel Uruguay eSIM

Activating an Antel Uruguay eSIM is convenient and fast when ordering from a provider like eSIM Uruguay:

  • Install the eSIM by scanning the QR code provided into your phone or device’s eSIM management app to download the Antel eSIM profile.
  • Activate the eSIM by following the secure purchase verification steps.
  • Set up the eSIM plan’s APN profile settings as guided if prompted.
  • Start using the eSIM by turning on mobile data and confirming the signal bars displayed.

Check How to Install Uruguay eSIM for more.

VIII. Uruguay Antel Call & SMS Rates

1. Antel Prepaid Call Rates

  • Local call rate: 27 Uruguayan Pesos ($0.60) per minute
  • Calls to other Uruguay mobile networks: 29 Uruguayan Pesos ($0.65) per minute
  • International call rate: From 110 Uruguayan Pesos ($2.50) per minute

2. Antel Prepaid SMS Rates

  • Local SMS rate: 5 Uruguayan Pesos ($0.11) per message
  • International SMS rate: 11 Uruguayan Pesos ($0.25) per message

When using an Antel Tourist SIM, minutes and texts to local Uruguay numbers are already bundled into the plan price. But it helps understand the underlying rates if purchasing additional usage beyond the allotments or calling internationally.

Bulk discounts apply if purchasing larger top-up denomincations from 100 units instead of only 5-10 minutes or SMS at once for maximum savings on Antel prepaid usage.

IX. Useful USSD Codes for Antel SIM/eSIM

USSD codes allow checking your prepaid Antel mobile account status directly from your device by dialing special access numbers.

Some common Antel USSD codes include:

  • *111# – Check Antel SIM card number
  • *222# – Check Antel prepaid credit balance
  • *555# – Check data usage consumed from plan allotment
  • *888# – Antel refill menu to add more credit

Enter these USSD codes and hit dial to instantly see information retrieved directly from your Antel subscriber profile without needing to use the Antel app or website. USSD codes provide a quick way to check details from your Antel mobile phone.

X. How to Top-up Antel SIM/eSIM

Adding more calling minutes, texts or gigabytes of mobile data to an Antel prepaid SIM card is easy by using top-up vouchers called recargas.

Antel recargas come in preset amounts from as little as 50 Uruguayan Pesos for a minor data boost up to 1500 Uruguayan Pesos for maximum local call time allowance.

To add credit, you can purchase Antel recharge voucher pins at hundreds of sales points across Uruguay including:

  • Antel stores
  • Mobile shops and kiosks
  • Newsstands
  • Gas stations
  • Supermarkets After buying the voucher ticket, scratch the PIN code silver panel to reveal the unique number.

Finally, add the credit to your Antel SIM via:

  • USSD code - Dial *888# and follow prompts
  • Antel app - Add using the e-voucher tab
  • Online Antel account

The purchased credit amount will instantly be added to your Antel prepaid balance for continued usage!

XI. FAQs about Antel in Uruguay

Does Antel have unlimited data plans?

No, Antel does not currently offer unlimited data mobile plans. However, Antel tourist SIM cards include several GB of data allowance suitable for most visitor usage. After using your bundled 4G data, you can purchase add-on gigabyte top-ups at affordable rates based on need.

Does Antel use GSM or CDMA networks?

Antel operates on GSM, 3G, and 4G/LTE networks supporting most modern unlocked mobile phones. Antel’s new 5G network is being rolled out in major population centers across Uruguay.

Can I use Antel SIM abroad?

Antel prepaid SIM cards only provide limited domestic service within Uruguay itself. But you can continue using Antel cell service when traveling into border areas of neighboring Argentina and Brazil which share agreements for basic roaming access.

How to refill Antel SIM online?

Refilling an Antel mobile is easy to do instantly online via your Antel account dashboard using international credit cards or PayPal payments. Log in using your SIM number, select desired refill amount, complete payment, and credit is automatically added.

Is Antel eSIM secure?

Yes, Antel uses modern eSIM security standards for reliable connectivity and protection against unauthorized profile transfers. One-time unlock codes and QR authentication during setup prevent eSIMs from being copied or reused.

XII. Final Words

An Antel SIM card or eSIM provides the best way for visitors to stay conveniently connected across Uruguay with broad coverage, fast speeds, and affordable rates.

With excellent mobile data bundled on Antel Tourist SIMs, calling and texting rates, and various prepaid top-up options, all travelers can enjoy reliable connectivity for navigating Uruguay’s amazing scenery and vibrant culture.