Do you require a Claro SIM Card and eSIM for your phone while visiting Uruguay? One of the top providers for visitors and tourists in Uruguay is Claro Uruguay. You may use this all-inclusive guide to learn all there is to know about using an eSIM and Claro SIM card when visiting Uruguay.

Claro SIM Card

I. Quick facts about Claro

  • Founded in 2002
  • Full company name: América Móvil
  • Brand name: Claro
  • Meaning of brand name: Claro means “clear” in Spanish
  • Launch services: 2G, 3G, 4G mobile networks, home internet, TV
  • Services offered: mobile plans (voice, data, SMS), home internet, TV, IoT
  • Over 2 million mobile subscribers
  • 300+ stores and other points of sale nationwide
  • 24/7 customer support in Spanish and English
  • Received award for Best Mobile Coverage in 2021
Quick facts about Claro
Claro – Mobile Operators in Uruguay

II. Uruguay Claro Coverage and Speed

A dependable cell service provider with broad coverage and quick data speeds is what you’ll need when visiting Uruguay. What distinguishes Claro is as follows:

1. Claro Mobile Coverage in Uruguay

Claro has extensive 4G LTE coverage across Uruguay, reaching 98% of the population. Its 3G network covers 99% of the country. This makes it easy for tourists to stay connected across most areas.

Key facts about Claro’s network coverage in Uruguay:

  • 98% 4G LTE population coverage
  • 99% 3G population coverage
  • 4G networks in all departments
  • Good coverage even in rural areas
  • Coastal coverage along beaches
  • Coverage in all major cities and towns

With widespread 4G and 3G connectivity, Claro provides reliable service for voice calls, mobile data, and SMS messaging.

Claro coverage in Uruguay
Claro Mobile Coverage in Uruguay. Source

Its goal is to provide customers with high-speed internet access wherever they can be in big cities, rural areas, or along the coast.

Travelers may be certain of trustworthy service when visiting different parts of the country because of its vast reach. A strong Claro signal lets you utilize maps, translate words, access online trip information, exchange images and videos, and communicate with people back home while you’re not following the conventional route.

2. Claro speed in Uruguay

Claro speed in Uruguay
Claro Mobile Speed in Uruguay

In addition to having extensive network coverage, Claro also offers good 4G speeds across its footprint in Uruguay.

Users can expect average download speeds of 20-40 Mbps on the 4G network in most populated areas. This is generally fast enough for activities like:

  • HD video streaming
  • Video calls
  • Social media
  • Web browsing
  • Music streaming

The fastest observed speeds exceed 90 Mbps down. Of course, speeds vary depending on location, network congestion, device capabilities, and other factors. But overall, Claro’s 4G network provides a fast, reliable experience.

3G speeds range from 1-10 Mbps – slower than 4G but still usable for basic functions.

III. Claro connectivity options for travelers to Uruguay

There are three main options for visitors to connect with Claro while traveling in Uruguay:

Form Characteristic Advantage Disadvantage

- Use the same SIM card that guests are using when they travel to establish a connection to the Uruguay network.

- You don't have to worry about losing the primary SIM because it doesn't need to be taken out.

- Use the same number each time you make a call.  

- The expenses are substantial

- Not all operators have partnerships or affiliations with Uruguayan airlines.

=> Risk of not having enough time to explore once you get there.

Prepaid Uruguay SIM card

- Make use of a genuine tourist SIM card from your own country.

- It is necessary to remove the original SIM card and insert this one.

- You must unlock the phone.  

- Fairly priced

- A range of choices to satisfy any need  

- Installing a SIM needs labor, whether you buy one or wait for it to be delivered.

- The primary SIM is easily misplaced when removed.

- You cannot use a phone that has more than one SIM card slot unless the second sim is removed.  

Free Wifi

- Take use of Uruguay's free WiFi in public spaces including restaurants, cafés, and shopping malls.

I can use free wifi if you pay for a coffee.


- You may need to complete out a registration form to connect with free wifi; this is a time-consuming process that increases the chance of information leaking. 

- Inability to actively use the Internet when required 

- Risks to information security Slow speed as a result of several users

Pocket Wifi

- It works as a network sharing device with a SIM card fitted, allowing it to share the network with adjacent devices.

- The phone does not need to be unlocked in order to access the Internet.

- Easy to use; simply turn it on and proceed.  

- Exorbitant costs for the purchase or renting of equipment

- Must visit the store and bide their time till delivery

- Always have it available Requires using a backup charger or power source

- If rented, needs to be returned at the end of the trip.

- There must be a minimum distance between the wifi transmitter and the phone.

- Due to the transmitter's limited capacity to handle several devices at once, the internet performance is subpar when there are a lot of users.  

Additionally, because of the following benefits, visitors to Uruguay may consider using eSIM:

  • Buy SIM cards online from anywhere at any time.
  • To acquire it, simply scan the QR code without taking out the SIM card.
  • Use two sims at once (or one physical sim + one eSIM or two eSIMs; take notice that US-market iPhone models, especially those in the 13–14 range, only allow the use of eSIMs; physical sim slots are not accessible). Use the primary SIM card on the device going forward.
  • You can install several data plans on the same phone, but you can only activate one or two data plans at a time, depending on the kind of device.
  • There can be no more than 20 eSIMs per phone, depending on the memory of the phone.
  • There is no possibility that Esim might be lost because it is attached to the device.
  • You may use the smartphone to access Facebook, WhatsApp, and Zalo even if the primary sim is off.

With the benefits outlined above, it’s obvious that eSIM is the best choice for visitors to Uruguay.

IV. Best Claro SIM cards for tourists & cost

Claro SIM Cards for tourists provide an excellent option for visitors to Uruguay. Benefits include:

Data Validity Price ($)
1 GB 1 day $40
3 GB 3 days $110
2 GB 5 days $90
1 GB 7 days $100
2 GB 7 days $120
3 GB 7 days $150
3 GB 10 days $190
3 GB 20 days $220

This tourist SIM makes it simple to purchase a plan and start using Claro’s network. Data bundles provide good value allowing apps, maps, social media, and more. Calls and texts to 60+ countries are included.

The SIMs can be purchased at Claro stores, other retailers, or airport kiosks. Just provide your passport.

You may want to choose eSIM instead of using your home SIM card when traveling abroad because it's easier to use - users just need to scan the QR code.

V. Does Claro Uruguay support eSIM?

Yes, Claro Uruguay does offer eSIM connectivity.

An eSIM is a digital SIM card installed directly on the smartphone. Key benefits compared to traditional physical nano-SIMs are:

  • Simple remote provisioning
  • Convenience of not needing to obtain, or swap out SIM cards
  • Ability to access dual SIM functionality

VI. Where can you buy a Claro SIM card and eSIM?

Having a Claro SIM card and eSIM is quite practical while traveling to Uruguay. A brief information on where and how to buy is provided below:

Claro store
Claro store in Uruguay

1. Where to buy Claro SIM for Uruguay

  • Claro stores – Find Claro retail locations in most cities and airports
  • Authorized dealers – Many convenience stores, kiosks, and supermarkets carry Claro SIMs
  • Mobile booths/shops in airports upon arrival – Easy and convenient way to get connected quickly
  • Online – Always ask to see identification when purchasing directly from unknown third parties.

2. Where to buy Uruguay Claro eSIM

Claro eSIMs can be purchased online directly from the Claro website or app once in Uruguay.

Simply select the eSIM option when choosing your plan and follow the prompts to install and activate.

Unfortunately, for several reasons, is unable to provide Claro eSIM products at this time. 

However, consider getting an eSIM Uruguay’s solutions are powered by well-known worldwide networks like Antel. This allowed for dependable, cost-effective international and domestic connection without the need for a physical SIM card.

Plan that may interest you

Uruguay eSIM 7 Days Plan
Uruguay eSIM 7 Days Plan
From $9.90
Uruguay eSIM 15 Days Plan
Uruguay eSIM 15 Days Plan
From $18.90
Uruguay eSIM 30 Days Plan
Uruguay eSIM 30 Days Plan
From $26.50

eSIM Uruguay’s objective is to provide clients with high-quality international mobility solutions up until native choices meet the necessary requirements. If there is anything else that needs to be clarified, then let us know.

VI. How to activate Claro Uruguay SIM/eSIM

It just takes a few easy steps to activate your Claro mobile service and start having connectivity across Uruguay.

1. How to activate Claro Uruguay SIM

To activate a Claro Uruguay physical SIM card:

  • Insert SIM into the unlocked device
  • Select Claro network and enable data/call settings
  • Open the browser and go to Claro’s prepaid portal
  • Choose the plan, enter your SIM number and payment info
  • Confirm activation SMS

You will then be ready to start using the SIM card across Uruguay.

2. How to activate a Claro Uruguay eSIM

Steps to activate a Claro Uruguay eSIM profile:

  • Install eSIM – Scan QR code or download eSIM app to add profile
  • Activate eSIM – Initiate the activation process and link eSIM to plans
  • Set up eSIM – Follow prompts to register payment details and confirm activation
  • Start using – Once activated, eSIM will connect to the Claro network

VIII. Uruguay Claro call & SMS rates

Claro Uruguay prepaid SIMs come with bundled minutes and texts, but once exceeded calls cost approximately:

  • Local calls – $0.04 per minute
  • Calls to other Uruguay mobiles – $0.04 per minute
  • SMS to Uruguay numbers – 0.03 per message

International call rates are higher without a global calling bundle, so use VoIP apps like WhatsApp or Skype to save costs when communicating abroad.

Always check included allowances and current rates when purchasing new bundles.

IX. Useful USSD codes for Claro Uruguay SIM/eSIM

USSD codes allow checking account balances and information directly from the phone dial pad.

Useful USSD codes for Claro Uruguay include:

  • *123# – Check main account balance
  • *321# – Remaining data balance
  • *134# – Minutes used and remaining
  • *222# – Active promotions and bonuses

X. How to top up Claro Uruguay SIM/eSIM

It’s easy to add more credits to extend service once initial bundles are used up:

  • Use Claro online top-up portal
  • Visit Claro stores or authorized dealer
  • Select add-on data or minute packages Payment can be made via cash, credit/debit card, bank transfer, or international payment methods.

Be sure to top-up before expiration to retain the number and service.

XI. Alternatives to Uruguay Claro

The other major mobile networks in Uruguay besides Claro are:

  • Movistar – Also has excellent nationwide 4G coverage
  • Antel – A state-owned telco focused on cities/towns

For universal connectivity, Claro generally remains the top option. But Movistar can provide comparable service.

XII. FAQs about Claro in Uruguay

Does Claro Uruguay offer 5G service?

Not yet, but 5G trials are underway on Claro’s network. 5G coverage is expected to launch within the next 1-2 years.

Can I use my Claro Uruguay SIM in neighboring countries?

Claro SIMs only provide service within Uruguay. But Claro has a presence across Latin America so roaming may be possible in some areas.

How long is my SIM/plan valid for?

Prepaid SIM and data bundles typically expire after 7-30 days depending on the amount purchased. Top up promptly to retain number and service.

XIII. Final words

With excellent nationwide 4G coverage, reliable service, and affordable prepaid options, Claro is a great choice for staying connected across Uruguay.

Whether purchasing a physical SIM card or eSIM, Claro makes it straightforward to activate service and offers the connectivity needed to safely navigate, research top attractions, and capture memorable moments throughout your journey in Uruguay.